15 Fantastic Memories From Mount Bundy Station in Northern Territory, Australia

Mount Bundy Camp Fire

19 Jun 15 Fantastic Memories From Mount Bundy Station in Northern Territory, Australia

Our home away from home (for three days at least). Finally to stay at a working cattle station in the heart of the Australian outback… so excited! But peacocks for guard dogs, is that normal?


A traditional camp fire and a makeshift dining area in which to enjoy the company of our fellow guests… and to toast yummy marshmallows.


A fine view from the window of our accommodation, what a great way to start the day.


Taking a leisurely stroll around the lake on a warm summer afternoon was a splendid way to unwind and enjoy the soothing surroundings of nature.


A quick shot of the pet buffalo before it announced its displeasure at being our photo subject by rising up and grunting in our faces. Charming!


Climbing to the top of Robin Falls for a natural bathing session, out of view from prying eyes.


Last weekend we had the pleasure of visiting Mount Bundy Station, a working cattle ranch in the Northern Territory of Australia. Here is a sample of photos we took during our three-day stay. If you are local to the Territory and are looking for ideas to fuel your sense of adventure then we can thoroughly recommend Mount Bundy for its unique and authentic way of outback life.


Robin Falls is the pinnacle of exploration in the Adelaide River region, a cascading waterfall tucked away in the depths of an otherwise dry and baron landscape. The Falls are accessible by car, however, to reach the peak of the watering hole you face a 10 minute walk on rocky terrain and a short but unstable uphill climb. Is it worth the effort? Absolutely, get your hiking boots on and pack your GoPro.

Arriving at Mount Bundy Station via a dusty dirt track and carefully watching our tracks for crossing wallabies and other wildlife.

A visual summary of the facilities on offer at Mount Bundy Station: the accommodation is split into three main areas; activities such as walking the wallaby trail is a fun way to spend the afternoon and be at one with Australian nature.


Each morning we woke to a poolside view, it’s wise to take a dip to cool off when the heat rises during the day. Now and again the family horse pops by to say hello.

Another shot of us visiting Robin Falls, a short drive fro Adelaide River. You’ve caught us pondering how on earth to reach the top without making a comedy stumble. We got there in the end!

Mount Bundy Station’s grounds encompass two calm ponds sprinkled with floating lilies and hemmed in by a colourful array of local bush. Is this safe to swim in? Crocs have a tendency to show up in any natural watering hole, so we decided to keep our distance – just in case!

An evening around the camp fire with our guests, awaiting the entertainment of a country and western singer courtesy of the Mount Bundy Station team. It wasn’t long before the toasted marshmallows made an appearance.

Horses going about their business in the adjoining field, surprisingly not the slightest bit interested in our photo opportunity. Maybe an apple to bribe them..?

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