20 Reasons to Stay at Wildman Wilderness Lodge, Mary River


19 Jun 20 Reasons to Stay at Wildman Wilderness Lodge, Mary River

Welcome, dear reader. We’ve just arrived back from an impromptu road trip to the wonderful outback resort Wildman Wilderness Lodge, off the Northern Territory’s beaten track… and we had such a pleasant time there we strongly considered staying on for a few more days! The resort is truly unique and to try and sum up our experience in a single paragraph would simply not do it justice. So here are our 20 reasons why you should book in for a night, if you’re ever in the area.


  1. Outback Infinity Pool 

We were fortunate to have booked up on a quiet weekend which meant we had full use of the facilities including infinity pool and decking area all to ourselves. That doesn’t happen often , so it’s nice to make the most of it when you can. The cool temperature of the pool is just what you need on a blistering hot afternoon. And what about that view?!


  1. Private Luxury Safari Tents 

This is out tent on the far right, lucky number 13. These lodges sleep up to 4 people and are equipped for families, although ideal for couples who like having plenty of room. Built on stilts to keep those snakes and other crawlies at bay! Each of the safari tents are connected via a wooden walkway to main reception and dining area.


  1. Boutique Luxury Log Cabins 

A row of smaller lodges are situated the other side of the main reception and dining area, also looking out onto the bush. They may be smaller in size, but offer more than adequate space for a couple staying for one or two nights. The luxury safari lodge is made up of a stdio bedroom and an ensuite, which is the room featured on the right.


  1. Waking Up To Nature 

Back to our lodge, we were blessed with being surrounded by nature. The veranda is accessed through a robust net curtains that keep insects out when zipped up. Because the exterior of the cabin is made from wood you can hear the chorus of the animals of the outback fairly clearly, which makes for a gentle nighttime soundtrack to rock you to sleep. Waking up to a warm sunrise is enchanting, in its own way.


  1. Glorious Veranda Views 

Here’s a rare shot of one half of The Secret Lodge Team without his Apple Mac. He’s clearly under the spell of the wilderness and has chosen respite over work, and is evidently more relaxed for it. We can assume he is counting the endless wallabies behind the camera… more on this further down.


  1. King Sized Bed With Plump Pillows 

The cherry on the cake for any luxury wilderness wooden cabin is a comfortable and seizable bed (with at least 6 pillows – according to Mrs TSL). But a word of warning: don’t leave your bedside lights on at night as this attracts the bugs and smaller animals who trespass in through the irrigation system. Frogs have been known to be waiting on pillows when guest arrive back after dinner. Kissing them in the hope they may turn into a prince is not in the guidebook!


  1. Quirky Bathroom Interiors 

Corrugated tin-lined walls in the bathroom, it’s an acquired taste but we felt it suited the safari tent’s character well. And who can turn their nose up at such a quaintly presented array of cleansing essentials, such as towels and showering gels.


  1. Spacious Sleeping Quarters 

If you enjoy lazy mornings then you’re in luck because your bed is the centrepiece of the room. It peers directly out onto the veranda, where the wallabies play. Open the net curtains to a 1,000 acre backyard.


  1. Wilderness Walking Tracks 

We enjoy taking a casual stroll around the grounds of every lodge we visit to make the most of the surroundings and explore new sights off the beaten track. The walking track is approximately 1,000 metres and leads down to the croc-infested billabong (so keep your feet on dry land!) In this shot you can see the function hall on the left, adjoined to the swimming pool centred, and dining room on the far right.


  1. Wallabies Everywhere! 

And we mean everywhere. The must be a group of around 20-30 hoppers that congregate around the stilts of the luxury safari tents observing the guests and hoping for a scrap of food to snatch away. The wallabies are totally harmless and will in fact scarper away as soon as you move within 10 metres of them. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen two wallabies boxing from the veranda of your safari tent.


  1. Outdoor Social Area With Fire Pit 

A great setting for enjoying a moment in the sun with friends, the outside seating area is built onto the bar and dining room for easy access to drinks and snacks. When the sky falls, the fire gets going.


  1. Cocktails At Poolside 

This is our signature moment, something we have become well versed at during our travels. One half of The Secret Lodge Team takes to the pool whilst the other takes to a Wildman Knockout, made up of Bailey’s, Rum and other glorious liquid elements. This is the life.



  1. Free Dirt Track Bikes 

Outback cycling is great fun if you want to explore and burn a few calories from all the cocktails you have necked. Look at the size of those wheels! Don’t expect to catch the wallabies though, it’s only an eight-speed bike!


  1. Vintage Bar & Lounge Room 

It’s often a welcome break being out of the sun, the humidity of the outback can really take it out of you. Fortunately, Wildman Wilderness has a cosy bar and lounge area equipped with air-conditioning. Put your feet up and enjoy the view.


  1. Star Constellations In Full View

And when the stars come out grab the telescope to see them in their full glory. We can say with certainty that only in Fraser Island have we witnessed a clearer sky with such a visceral projection of star clusters. It’s one of the many reasons why National Geographic and other big names in science and nature visit Wildman Wilderness for capturing immense photos of the sky.


  1. An Abundance Of Board Games 

Don’t like stars? The lounge is peppered with fun games for making an evening of it with good company. We had ourselves a rather entertaining game of Scrabble, after returning from dinner.


  1. Full Cooked English Breakfast 

The food on offer was of the highest quality, we couldn’t have been more satisfied. Each morning the Wildman Wilderness staff put on a full platter of cooked breakfast items to choose from, in addition to buffet snacks and pastries. Breakfast is served from 8-10am.


  1. Private Picnic Buffets 

Take a tour into the wetlands for a champagne sunset experience like you won’t have anywhere else. Our guide drove us out to the middle of of the outback and set out a superb selection of nibbles and alcoholic treats for us to watch the sun go down with. Bush pigs and wild geese were just two of the local species we say during the tour.


  1. Non-Stop Nature 

You can’t escape the wildlife, which is a pleasure and never a threat (no crocs in sight). The noisiest of the bunch frequent the tress in between the safari tents to pillage fruit… and they don’t care who seems them! It’s all part of the fun and a great photo opportunity.


  1. Sensational Sunset Walks 

Finish off the day by walking out into the sunset. You can’t do this at home, folks. Enjoy the serenity while you can and when you return home it will make you appreciate being in the wilderness even more so.


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