It was only meant to be a holiday…
Tom and Gemma, guided by their sense of adventure and aspiration to travel to fresh and exciting locations, waved goodbye to the South East of England to explore Australia for the first time.
Little did they know, both travelling on parallel journeys, that in five years time they would be sharing a home in Darwin, Northern Territory, where they would enjoy a comfortable life building their future together. Despite what the atlas may lead you to believe, it’s a very small world.
Tom remained committed to following in the footsteps of his folklore hero Crocodile Dundee by getting up close with nature; Gemma continued to act on her talent for discovering breath-taking holiday locations off the beaten track. And as their united desire to discover the endless riches of Australia’s countryside grew, The Secret Lodge was born.
The Secret Lodge is an impartial and independent free guide to the best-kept secrets of luxury holiday rental accommodation Australia has to offer. We will be sharing ideas and tips of where to visit as well as our personal reviews of the lodges we stay in to help inspire your next stay in the wilderness and outback.
Thank you for joining us on our journey.
Lets Work Together (the more the merrier!)
Opportunities for Owners and Mangers of Lodges

Without such fine choices of places to stay in Australia, this project would have never have taken off, and we greatly appreciate having the opportunity to work with owners and managers of lodges nationwide.

If you would like the Secret Lodge Team to provide a free review of your luxury lodge accommodation in Australia or include an in-depth write up of your accommodation type, then we’ll be happy to guide you through our process to ensure you are on our community’s radar.

To have your accommodation or property type listed for free, please send an email stating your name, position, location and a few lines about you – there’s nothing we love better than receiving a personal note so we can get to know you better.

Opportunities for Travel Bloggers and Writers

As The Secret Lodge project continues to evolve we will naturally expand the content material onsite to include tips, blog posts and reviews of independent travel writers and bloggers.

If you have a positive story or photo you want to share, we will do our best to find a home for alongside the regular updates. We actively encourage you to submit articles and photos that will inspire, fascinate and ignite a reader’s lust for adventure.

To become a contributor, please send an email and state your specialist interest in travel writing or photography; we will always do our best to review your submissions and credit your work, however we hold a polciy not to accept or charge money for content of any kind.