How Not to Ride a Bike in Adelaide


13 Jun How Not to Ride a Bike in Adelaide

Despite the common view that there’s a quiet life to be had in Adelaide, all it took was a bicycle with deflated tyres and a squeaky wheel, and half a day to prove the doubters wrong. The following timeline of adventure, accidents and abuse is based upon true events.

10.30: Hired bike in Adelaide for free, courtesy of the local community centre
10.40: Planned cycle route – City to Henley Beach, to Glenelg, to City (approx. 30km)
11.30: Fell off bike in park
12: Narrowly avoided collision with other cyclist (completely this fault)
1.30: Had lunch by the sea
2.30: Almost ran over by car on pavement (apparently my fault)
3.25: Heckled by workers on highway for ‘having a girly bike’
3.28: Heckled again by more workers at traffic lights
4: Arrived back safely

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