How to Dump Your Boyfriend in McDonalds, Sydney


13 Jun How to Dump Your Boyfriend in McDonalds, Sydney

This is a short story about love with an unhappy ending. I had set up camp in McDonald’s in the CBD of Sydney. It was one of many temporary and very public spaces I had chosen as a work space environment. The Wi-Fi connection is strong and consistent, suits me fine. All was well until I heard bursts of whimpering to my right. The the signs point to the young Chinese woman has just broken up with the man seated opposite her.

Well you can’t go dumping your boyfriend on an empty stomach.

I watched the whole ordeal as his his head dropped onto the meal tray as he erupted in a flood of tears. The poor boy then lifted his head and half the box of fries with it. Some were even stuck to his glasses. What a mess.

Never mind mate, plenty more filet-o-fish in the sea.

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