How to Test a 7 Star Villa Swimming Pool in Bali

20 Jun How to Test a 7 Star Villa Swimming Pool in Bali

This luxury lodge accommodation is a thing of pure beauty. So this is what it feels like to holiday like the Beckhams. How can one spend a weekend at one of Bali’s most coveted seven star villa resorts and not want to share their enjoyment with the world?! The full post of our stay at Villa Shalimar in the rice fields of the Bali countryside will be available online soon… once we have had our fill of the day beds peering out on to the sandy beaches and 30 metre chilled swimming pool.

Speaking of which, here is a series of photos of one half of The Secret Lodge team attempting a slick dive. At least the view of the Bali villa received top marks!

Step 1. Assess the situation

Step 2. Assume the position

Step 3. Take a run-up

Step 4. Take aim

Step 5. Hit the water

Step 1. Await round of applause(?)

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