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Lodge Review: Wildman Wilderness Lodge, Mary River - 8 out of 10

An obvious pick for a
location in which to
celebrate a special
occasion in the authentic outback."

Wildman Wilderness Lodge offers a taste of heightened tranquility off the beaten track, an ideal setting for those who want to switch off from normality and draw closer to nature. Read our review of the resort here.


Is Wildman Wilderness Lodge easy to find?

It’s approximately two hours by car from city of Darwin door-to-door. The drive will be straightforward enough if you have plotted your journey in advance and you know your way to Kakadu National Park, which is fairly close by (in outback miles). Some of the road signs aren’t displayed as well as they could be, so stay alert for directions that pop up out of nowhere. The main inroad is at Point Stuart, which is roughly a 20-minute marker. After that, turn onto a red dirt track for 7k and Wildman Wilderness Lodge is at the other end.

If you need to stop off beforehand for a toilet break and snacks then the Bark Hut Inn is a very accommodating place to pull up at. It’s 45 minutes or so from WWL. The Bark Hut Inn is popular with motorcycle groups and tourists and has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Leave your signature on the graffiti wall with hundreds of other travellers whilst you order a hot meal.


How was the atmosphere of the resort?

Wildman Wilderness Lodge is tailor made for the great luxury getaway for couples and small groups and therefore an obvious pick for where to celebrate a special occasion in authentic outback landscape. With such a grandiose sense of calm it may also provide many a travel writer or photographer with a spectacular studio in which to capture the setting or create a nature-inspired project.

Staff immediately made us feel welcome with a brisk tour of the grounds on foot and then an invitation to take rest within the air conditioned bar and lounge. The heat is quite something in such an isolated location and the shaded facilities were ideal for allowing to unwind. We were fortunate in that very few guests had booked in to stay which meant we had the pick of the amenities such as the infinity swimming pool, dining area and bar to ourselves – all of which were kept to an immaculate standard throughout our stay.

A booking at Wildman Wilderness Lodge includes a three-course dinner and breakfast each morning, which when factored in to the overall price equates to a reasonable deal. May a traveller may be put off by the high price of accommodation, however the quality of food was arguably the best of any lodge we have stayed at. Value for money is certainly a factor worth visiting for.

How was the accommodation?

Guests have a choice of two types of wilderness lodge: Family Safari Tent or the Habitat Cabin.

Taken from the write-up on the Wildman Wilderness Lodge website, the Family Safari Tent is a luxury ‘camping’ experience. Each safari tent is spacious at 50m2 and comes equipped with luxury bedding and en-suite bathroom. Breakfast and 3 course dinner is included daily in the package.

Taken from the description on the Wildman Wilderness website, the ‘Habitats’ cater for the indulgent and romantic experience that offer unexpected comfort. The fixtures are free-standing cabins that feature many amenities shown below:

Habitat Cabin amenities include: Air conditioned balcony; daily room service; disabled room ceiling fans; iron/ironing board; king bed; king / 2 single beds; non-smoking shower – separate; tea/coffee making mini fridge.

It is worth noting that although the accommodation at Wildman Wilderness Lodge is kept clean, and is hygeinic and comfortable, there is always a possibility that bugs and insects can invade your premises if you leave a light switched on. We found out the hard way when we turned on a bedside lamp to help us identify our cabin from the outside when we headed out for dinner. So be warned and come equipped with bug spray!

Based on a two-night stay during peak season, the prices available at Wildman Wilderness Lodge are:

Family Safari Tent Dinner, bed & breakfast                        $1,230.00

Habitat Cabin: Dinner, bed & breakfast                        $1,538 AUS

Two night escape package                    $1,550 AUS


What can you do at Wildman Wilderness Lodge?

If your priority is to forget about the stresses of everyday life and kick back in total tranquillity then Wildman Wilderness is a worthy candidate for your to-do list. If you are looking for an action packed adventure with a hive of activity on your doorstep then we suggest looking at lodges elsewhere.

Nature is the main draw here, the moment you arrive at the resort you finding yourself embodied in a rich tapestry of wildlife from marsupials to flocks of birds. It is a nature lover’s dream come true. A squad of wallabies patrol the grounds - all of whom are wary of human and not a threat! Cockatoos feed on fruit from the low hanging branches; wild geese make dashing sprints at sunset; and at night, the frog chorus is in full flow as a blanket of stars illuminates above the campus.

Tours are also provided at Wildman Wilderness Lodge, ranging from short sunset trips for champagne and snacks, to two-day outings to nearby Kakadu. A walking track connects the main lodge with a billabong for water tours. We took up the sunset champagne experience to finish off such a blissful time at Wildman Wilderness Lodge. Cheers to nature!


What was the standout memory of the trip?

Sipping a house cocktail known as the Wildman Knockout in a hammock whilst the sun beat down on the tranquil bush setting. Wallabies bounced in and out of view to give us a VIP insight into their daily lives. We were amused and fascinated by their rituals that predominately revolved around: scratching for food bellow; grooming their young; standing bolt-upright to monitor for danger; and performing short bouts of boxing, which felt like a scene straight out of the nature documentaries. All that was missing was commentary from David Attenbourough.

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